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Can Anyone Really Gain a Massive Medium Following in 2 Months?

Kevin Hafell
2 min readJun 19, 2024
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We’ve all been there, scrolling through the Medium profiles of writers with staggering follower counts in the tens of thousands, perhaps even six figures for some. It’s incredibly inspiring, but also makes you wonder — is it actually feasible for a new writer to build an audience of that size in a very short period of time?

The idea of going from zero to over 10,000 followers on Medium in just the next 60 days seems almost outrageous. Could anyone really pull that off, no matter how talented or hardworking they are? Let’s take a realistic look at what it would take.

First and foremost, the content would have to be exceptional. Not just good but outstanding, must-read material that immediately hooks an audience. We’re talking professionals-level writing, unique insights, and creative perspectives that truly stand out.

Consistency is also make-or-break. Realistically, you’d likely need to publish 2–3 new high-quality pieces every single week during that two-month period to have a chance at gaining massive traction.

But writing alone won’t cut it. An aggressive promotion strategy across multiple platforms — Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, email lists, you name it — would be essential to actually get that content discovered and shared rapidly.

Engagement is key as well. A huge following requires being an active, ever-present voice constantly commenting, asking questions, building relationships with your audience. It’s a steady grind.

When you add up all those requirements — incredible writing, prolific output, exhaustive promotion, and deep engagement — could anyone realistically manage to execute at that level for 60 days straight? It seems like an insane amount of work and commitment.

And yet, we do see examples of creators who have indeed explosively grown vast followings on Medium and other platforms in very short timeframes. It’s extremely rare and requires being a master of your craft. But perhaps not impossible?

What’s your view? Could a motivated writer with extraordinary ability realistically go from zero to 10,000+ loyal Medium followers in just two months’ time? Is it an achievable goal through sheer force of effort and talent? Or does it simply defy all logic and reason?

I’ll let you decide, but it’s certainly fun to dream about — and even perhaps motivating to try making that dream a reality through lots of hard work and great content. The followers and audience are out there, just waiting to be built.



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