How Did He Start Fresh?

How to Create a Fulfilling Life After Divorce

Kevin Hafell
2 min readJan 27, 2023
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Once upon a time, there was my friend named Sam.

Sam had been married for three years, but he realized that his marriage had become increasingly unhappy.

Finally, my friend Sam decided that it was the right time to end his marriage and move on.

At first, Sam felt lost and alone. He had spent too much of his life in his marriage that he didn’t know who he was or what he wanted anymore.

But Sam was determined to make the most of this new chapter in his life.

After the divorce, Sam began by taking some time for himself. I can remember that he traveled to new places, talked with me, tried new things, and reconnected with his old friends.

He also started therapy to work through his feelings and figure out what he wanted in life.

As he started to gain more clarity, Sam realized that there were many things he had always wanted to do but had never had the chance to do. He decided to pursue his dream of starting his own business.

He had always been passionate about electronics, so then he decided to open his own repair shop.

Opening his own shop was not easy, but Sam was determined to make it work. He worked hard to learn more he needed to know and to build a strong network of customers.

But the most important thing he did was to believe in himself and his abilities. Also, I believed that he could do it because I know who he is!

And before he knew it, Sam’s shop was thriving. Then, he had a steady stream of customers and was making a good living, doing something he loved. But perhaps most importantly, he felt fulfilled and happy.

As Sam’s shop grew, also, he did his social circle. He made some new friends, and eventually even found love again.

But the important thing is, at this time, it was different. He had learned so much about himself and what he wanted in life, that he was able to choose a perfect partner who was truly right for him.

Sam’s journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. He had gone through a difficult divorce, but he was stronger, more confident, happier, and more fulfilled than ever.

Finally. he had proven to himself that it was possible to start fresh and create a fulfilling life after divorce.

My friend Sam is an inspiration to anyone going through a difficult time, showing that with determination, self-belief, and hard work, you can create a wonderful life for yourself, no matter what obstacles you face.

Good Luck!



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