The Hidden Costs of Rapid Growth

What Nobody Tells You About Gaining 10K+ Followers on Medium

Kevin Hafell
3 min readJun 21, 2024

We’ve all dreamed about it, waking up one day to find our Medium follower count has skyrocketed into five digits. The allure of a large audience is undeniable, promising increased visibility, credibility, and potentially even income. But what’s often left out of the conversation are the hidden costs that come with rapid growth. Let’s pull back the curtain on what it really takes to gain 10K+ followers on Medium in a short time span.

Time: Your New Best Friend (and Worst Enemy)

First and foremost, prepare to say goodbye to your free time. Rapid growth demands a relentless content creation schedule. We’re talking multiple high-quality articles per week, each requiring research, writing, editing, and formatting. Then there’s the time spent engaging with readers, responding to comments, and actively participating in the Medium community. Don’t forget the hours dedicated to promotion across various social media platforms. Suddenly, your 24 hours a day seem woefully inadequate.

The Mental and Emotional Rollercoaster

Rapid growth comes with intense pressure. The need to consistently produce top-notch content can be overwhelming. You’ll likely face criticism as your visibility increases, and imposter syndrome might become your unwelcome companion. The emotional highs of viral posts can quickly give way to the lows of underperforming ones. It’s a rollercoaster that not everyone is prepared for.

Creativity Under Pressure: A Recipe for Burnout

When you’re pushing for rapid growth, you’re constantly mining your mind for ideas. This relentless pace can lead to creative burnout. Your well of inspiration might run dry, leaving you staring at a blank screen, feeling the weight of expectations from your growing audience.

Quality vs. Quantity: An Ongoing Battle

In the quest for rapid growth, you’ll often find yourself torn between maintaining quality and meeting quantity demands. It’s a delicate balance, and one that’s easy to tip. Sacrificing quality for frequency can hurt your reputation in the long run, but posting less frequently might slow your growth. It’s a constant juggling act.

Personal Life? What Personal Life?

Rapid growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The time and energy you pour into your Medium presence has to come from somewhere. Often, it’s your personal life that takes the hit. Relationships may strain, work-life balance becomes a distant memory, and other responsibilities might fall by the wayside.

The Peril of Platform Dependency

Building your audience primarily on Medium puts all your eggs in one basket. Algorithm changes, platform policy updates, or even technical issues could potentially impact your reach overnight. Diversification is safer but takes time a luxury you might not have when aiming for rapid growth.

Authenticity vs. Popularity

As you chase rapid growth, you might find yourself tailoring your content to what’s popular rather than what truly resonates with you. This can lead to a disconnect between your authentic voice and your published work, potentially alienating the very audience you’re trying to build.

The Price Tag of Growth

While Medium itself is free to write on, rapid growth often comes with financial costs. You might invest in tools for SEO, social media management, or graphic design. Perhaps you’ll outsource some tasks to free up your time for writing. These expenses can add up quickly.


In conclusion, the pursuit of rapid follower growth on Medium is not for the faint of heart. It requires significant sacrifices of time, energy, and sometimes even authenticity. While the rewards can be substantial, it’s crucial to weigh them against these hidden costs. Perhaps a slower, more sustainable growth strategy might lead to a more fulfilling writing journey. Ultimately, the choice is yours! but now, at least, you can make it with your eyes wide open to the realities of rapid growth on Medium.



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